Staying Safe Around Garage Doors

When one of my children was playing with our garage doors a few years ago, we heard a piercing scream that we will never forget. She had gotten her fingers pinched in the side of the door, and we knew that we had to help her--and fast. Because of our quick actions and first aid, we were able to take care of the problem. After we returned home, I started thinking about ways to keep our kids safe around garage doors. This blog contains loads of helpful information about maintaining your garage doors, looking after your curious children, and preventing serious injury.

Getting A New Garage Door? Two Points To Help Make It A Success


Whether you're getting a new garage door because you're building a house, or if your old model is on it's last legs, there are a lot of options at your disposal.  You'll be choosing which material you want, choosing the trim and colors and deciding if you want a door that opens upwards or sideways.  However, the garage door is a very important part of your home, so there are a few other considerations you'll want to make as well.  Use this information to learn more about two points to keep in mind when getting a new garage door so that it will be a success.

Remember To Add Sufficient Insulation

The days of simply installing a garage door with no insulation are all but over.  There are so many benefits to insulating your garage door that it would be a mistake not to do it.

Firstly, when your garage door is insulated, your indoor air can easily seep outside. Even though your garage may not be climate controlled, if it is attached to your house, it still plays a role in determining the indoor temperature of your home based upon how hot or cold it is within the garage.  You want to prevent air seepage as much as possible because it can cause your heating and air conditioning unit to go into overdrive and cause your energy bills to increase.  

Insulation also helps to keep moisture and critters out of your garage, which can go a long way toward preventing moisture damage or the premature deterioration of your goods that can occur when bugs or termites move in.

Safety Matters

Another point to consider is the importance of installing safety features so that your new garage door won't serve as a hazard for your family.  If you're getting a motorized door, you'll likely have sensors put in place that automatically cause the door to stop moving if someone is within a certain vicinity of the door.

You should also think about getting pinch-resistant garage doors that move fingers out of the way if they're on the door when it is about to be in motion.  This is perfect if you have small children, who may mistakenly place their fingers in the cracks and get hurt.

Keeping these points in mind can help ensure that you're totally pleased with your new garage door.  When you're ready for your next garage door, use these tips so that it will be a success.

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4 April 2016