Staying Safe Around Garage Doors

When one of my children was playing with our garage doors a few years ago, we heard a piercing scream that we will never forget. She had gotten her fingers pinched in the side of the door, and we knew that we had to help her--and fast. Because of our quick actions and first aid, we were able to take care of the problem. After we returned home, I started thinking about ways to keep our kids safe around garage doors. This blog contains loads of helpful information about maintaining your garage doors, looking after your curious children, and preventing serious injury.

Questions To Consider When Picking A Garage Door Material


With so many different options for garage doors at places like Aladdin Doors of Raleigh, even something as simple as picking the garage door material becomes a bigger question. Here are some things to ask yourself to narrow your material choices down to just a few. 

Does it Need to Be Low Maintenance?

First, if you're looking for a garage door that you can put up and then not worry about for many years, a good aluminum or steel garage door may be what you're looking at. These are some of the most durable and long-lasting materials, and as long as the surface is coated to prevent rust, there's not a whole lot that you need to do to maintain the door itself. It's also a fairly storm proof option, so you might not need to install a separate storm door either. 

How Much Do Aesthetics Matter?

If aesthetics are your biggest concern, have your garage door specialist show you some of the newest designs for combination garage doors. There are styles that combine wood and glass with more traditional materials for a light and refreshing take on the garage door. Vinyl garage doors may also appeal to you; although some people don't enjoy the texture of vinyl, it is certainly easier to get a garage door in an unusual color if you opt for a synthetic material. 

Does it Need to Be Insulated?

Insulation is something to consider, although it won't always affect the outside of your garage door. You may be looking for styles that contain insulation in their interior, such as polystyrene doors. These materials can be combined with layers of steel and plastic to create a lightweight but strong door. 

Does it Need to Be Storm Proof?

If you need to have a specific storm proof rating for your door, the first place to look is at steel or vinyl garage doors. However, you might also be able to install a fabric storm cover on your door if you find something you like in a less durable material. Another option is to get steel braces installed on the inside and outside of your door to prevent it from blowing away during a storm. 

What Kind of Garage Door Opener Do You Have?

Finally, while many garage door openers can handle all styles of doors, it's worth checking out the capacity of the opener you have. It may specify a weight limit, which might confine your search to lighter materials. 


28 October 2016