Staying Safe Around Garage Doors

When one of my children was playing with our garage doors a few years ago, we heard a piercing scream that we will never forget. She had gotten her fingers pinched in the side of the door, and we knew that we had to help her--and fast. Because of our quick actions and first aid, we were able to take care of the problem. After we returned home, I started thinking about ways to keep our kids safe around garage doors. This blog contains loads of helpful information about maintaining your garage doors, looking after your curious children, and preventing serious injury.

Young Drivers and Garage Door Openers: Three Safety Tips


Whenever a teenager gets behind the wheel, they take on a great deal of responsibility. On one hand, they are tasked with staying safe on the road, but if they have garage door access, they also have a responsibility to keep the house safe. If you're about to give your teen the keys and a remote for the garage door opener system, learn about some important safety tips you should pass on, and what you can do to enhance door safety. 

Keep Car Doors Locked

Teach your young driver to always keep their car doors locked. If your child has their own opener remote, all a thief needs to do is to look at their registration card to determine where they live. With the opener in hand, it'll basically be like having a key to get inside. 

In addition to keeping their car door locked, you might teach your child to keep the opener in their middle console or another less visible area. Additionally, depending on the specifics of your homeowners' insurance policy, without any signs of forced entry, your claim for any losses could be denied. 

Verify Rolling Code Status

If you have an older opener system, verify that it functions with a rolling code. Thieves can record an openers signal, return to the home, replay the signal with a special device, and the door will open, just as it would with an opener. Rolling code technology creates a new cycle each time the door is opened, so once a signal is transmitted, it becomes obsolete. 

Many intruders watch their targets and study their behaviors, and they may even know when your child will be home alone. Since a young person might be perceived as an easier target than an adult, the intruder might strike when you're away. Rolling code technology can keep your child safer.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi-Enabled System

If your child often needs a reminder from you to take care of important tasks, you might want to invest in a Wi-Fi-enabled opener system before you hand them their own opener. Wi-Fi-enabled systems are awesome because they allow you to control the function of the door on your smartphone, tablet, or any internet-enabled device. 

If you're afraid your child might forget to close the garage door on their way to school, you can set up an alert within the system's app to notify you that the door is open, so that you can close it with the press of a button. 

If you have concerns about the safety of your garage door opener system, contact a technician. Whether you want an inspection of your system for peace of mind or you're ready to upgrade your door, a garage door service is here to help.


18 January 2019