Staying Safe Around Garage Doors

When one of my children was playing with our garage doors a few years ago, we heard a piercing scream that we will never forget. She had gotten her fingers pinched in the side of the door, and we knew that we had to help her--and fast. Because of our quick actions and first aid, we were able to take care of the problem. After we returned home, I started thinking about ways to keep our kids safe around garage doors. This blog contains loads of helpful information about maintaining your garage doors, looking after your curious children, and preventing serious injury.

Is It Time For Garage Door Repair? 3 Signs You Must Pay Close Attention To


If the door to your garage is the primary entrance to your home, you should take good care of it to keep your valuables and loved ones safe from intruders. When maintaining the other parts of your house, you should also inspect your garage door's condition. If your door is failing, you should book an appointment with a certified garage door repair technician to offer you accurate repair solutions before it is too late. As a homeowner, you shouldn't overlook your malfunctioning garage door because it's a threat to your family's safety. Read on to learn about three critical signs to help you know that it is time for garage door repair.

Your Garage Door Shakes Excessively When Closing or Opening

If the door to your garage is in good working order, it should open or close smoothly. However, if its components are faulty, the door may shake and vibrate excessively when opening or closing. This issue may occur when the screws holding the entire system are loose or defective. Damaged rollers or springs may also cause your door to shake or vibrate excessively. As a homeowner, do not hesitate to have your vibrating garage door inspected and repaired by a professional when you notice this sign to prevent other costly issues from emerging.

Your Garage Door Is Making Strange Noises

When the door to your garage is functioning effectively, it should have a silent and smooth operation. Therefore, something must be wrong with the door to your garage if it's making odd noises when opening or closing. Poor lubrication or defective hinges may cause your door to make an irritating sound. You may also experience this problem when your door's rollers are faulty or when its components are loose. In such a situation, it's imperative to hire a garage door repair technician to assess your door thoroughly and offer the right solutions to prevent further damage.

Your Garage Door Is Slow to Respond

Your garage door takes seconds to close or open when its components are in good working order. However, if something is wrong, your garage door may open or close slower than usual. This problem may occur when your garage door opener has an issue. Your garage door may also be slow to respond to your commands if its springs are faulty. As a homeowner, you should hire a garage door repair technician as soon as possible to repair your slow-to-respond door to prevent other costly issues or accidents from emerging.

If your garage door is showing any sign of disrepair, you should have it repaired right away by a professional to avoid home injuries or property damage. A garage door repair technician will assess your garage door's components thoroughly and offer lasting solutions.

For more information, reach out to a garage door repair service in your area.                  


23 August 2021