Staying Safe Around Garage Doors

When one of my children was playing with our garage doors a few years ago, we heard a piercing scream that we will never forget. She had gotten her fingers pinched in the side of the door, and we knew that we had to help her--and fast. Because of our quick actions and first aid, we were able to take care of the problem. After we returned home, I started thinking about ways to keep our kids safe around garage doors. This blog contains loads of helpful information about maintaining your garage doors, looking after your curious children, and preventing serious injury.

Considerations For Your Garage Door Replacement


When it's time to replace your garage door, you want the replacement to be better and more secure than the previous door. There are certain features you should consider before you decide on your replacement.


You will want the garage door itself to be easily integrated into the surrounding area. Many people opt for a traditional white garage door because it matches most homes and is often less expensive. However, you should consider customized options. Not only can you select a better aesthetic that enhances your home, but you can also select sturdier and more energy-efficient materials. The look of wood is one option that can give your home a rustic beauty. Since wood garage doors are difficult to maintain, you can have composite material made into a garage door that simulates any type of wood that would match your home. Many people choose to include glass in their garage doors, which should be more for its aesthetic value than practical use. Placing the glass higher up on the door can be a decorative feature without compromising the safety of your garage door by allowing people to see inside.


The garage door opener you choose is not only a matter of convenience but can enhance safety. Your options for openers may be contingent upon the size and weight of the garage door. If you have a larger or heavier garage door, you will need an opener with a higher amount of horsepower to handle the size. Lightweight aluminum garage doors generally have a wider range of options for openers and require less horsepower. If you are concerned about the noise created by opening the garage door, you will want to skip the chain drive openers. They are generally cheaper and easier to maintain but create the most noise and can be problematic if your garage is near bedrooms. When possible, belt drive openers are often preferred since they open smoothly and make less noise. Other features you will want are safety mechanisms that prevent the garage door from closing if it is obstructed. This can include sensors located on the side of the garage door frame that prevent it from closing if the path is obstructed and mechanisms that automatically stop the door from closing further if it makes contact with an object.


Many garage doors can be integrated with advanced security features and "smart" devices. You may want security cameras that automatically begin recording when someone comes near the garage. Also, security features that make it harder for anyone to open the garage door can give you an extra sense of security, especially if there is a door leading from the garage into your home. Many homeowners choose a form of keyless entry, such as being able to open the garage door either with a specific device located in their car or their smartphone. If you choose this option, you may want to have a backup system in place, such as a keypad that allows access to the garage if the technology fails. The ability to integrate your garage system with newer technology can allow you to participate in programs that allow packages and groceries to be delivered into your garage to prevent package theft.

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12 September 2022